Research shows that more than ever, listeners hear audio on digital devices, smartphones and computers, not on a traditional radio, even if it’s an AM/FM station. A pioneer in the space, our partner Triton Digital, has just launched a new ad platform to serve traditional radio, digital radio and pureplays alike, but most of all, it helps deliver.

In a recent article Triton’s Ben Masse told InsideRadio all about it. 

IR: Triton Digital gets high marks for its new ad platform for live and on-demand broadcasters...
Masse: We took our time, listened to our customers, and developed a great product for not only the publishers but also the listeners.

IR: Tell me about the new ad platform...
Masse: The Triton Advertising Platform, known as Tap, is designed to help radio and digital broadcasters monetize live and on-demand streaming. It’s an easy-to-use, solution-oriented product that provides many benefits to both traditional and digital audio publishers. Tap is not a new generation of the old system, but rather a brand new product developed after an exhaustive study of what stations need and how advertising affects listeners.


IR: How do broadcasters use it?
Masse: Tap Live is for broadcasters who want to replace the commercials that air on their stream. Tap OnDemand is for digital broadcasters who want to fill a stop set. These two versions combined, form a new generation platform that allows a station to sell inventory more intelligently by location, demo and listener interests. It’s a forward-thinking solution for the advertiser and at the same time, will improve the listener experience.

IR: It looks like Tap does a better job with commercial inventory...
Masse: A station’s inventory, including any spot break, can be sold locally or nationally, so out-of-market listeners will hear a different spot. If your stations have listeners outside of your trading area (outside of the broadcast area for local sales or international), that listener will be of value to another advertiser. The placement of spots is more precise.


IR: So it can help create a better listener experience...
Masse: With Tap, everybody wins. Audio publishers benefit with accurate forecasting and pacing reports, while advertisers get better targeting and listener data. Tap is a game-changer for advertisers looking to target by platform, making it possible to target listeners by device (i.e. iPhone) or people listening on their desktops only.


IR: I hear so many commercials repeated on older systems...
Masse: Frequency caps built into the system mean a listener won’t have to hear two or three PSAs in a row. Also, if a station has a long spot set to replace, Tap can program music to fit the format instead of 6-8 minutes of commercials in a row. If a listener tunes into a station that is out of market, there is no benefit to hearing local commercials, so Tap enables that inventory to be converted to national spots so it’s more relevant to the listener.


Tap is currently being used at 400+ radio stations, and will be installed at 7,000+ worldwide in the coming months. Benefits of the platform include:


• More precise audience targeting by geo and demo
• Easy management of audio, video and banner ads
• Improved management of inventory including local, national, & international
• Delivery of spot- or impression-based ads
• Built-in competitive separation


For more information on TAP or Triton Digital, contact:

Ian Walker



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