Programming and Research

The principals and staff of OXIS MEDIA have in excess of 35 years of programming and research experience between them and this is all brought to bear in any assignment that the company undertakes.

We work closely with the most respected research companies in the world to build successful programming strategies for music radio stations, regardless of format. We then coach and assist as these strategies are implemented.


Marketing and Brand Development

Whether you are launching a new station or re-branding an existing heritage business, OXIS MEDIA can help you develop your marketing and brand strategies and oversee a successful implementation.


Promotions and Concepts

OXIS MEDIA is at the forefront of developing and implementing promotions and concepts across the globe. These are designed to drive reach, share or both, while at the same time open new and innovative sponsorship and promotions opportunities both onair and in the digital space for advertisers.

Our promotions and concepts have been sought out and used in countless markets including Austria, Ireland, Czech Republic, the UK and (through our associate company Absolute & Dowse LLC) California, Texas and New York.


Revenue Build

As developments in technology (Digital, Podcasting, Social Media) put pressure on the traditional radio advertising model, what strategies can you put in place to maintain and grow your top line?

At OXIS MEDIA we work with stations to drive both traditional and NTR revenue streams and put in place the strategies to enable stations to adapt, change and capitalise on new technological developments as they occur.


Finance and Administration

Is your cost base too high? Are there ways of streamlining your operations to drive synergies in your business? OXIS MEDIA can get you the answers to these questions and help you realise cost savings and efficiencies.


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OXIS MEDIA is a radio specific business which has two principal dimensions – strategic and investment consultancy (in both stations and intellectual property)...


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