CLEVELAND and OXFORD - The radio industry's leading crowdcasting technology will now be offered to European radio stations, through a new partnership between LDR (www.LDRinteractive.com) and OXIS Media (www.oxismedia.com).

LDR, an interactive broadcast technology pioneer based in Cleveland, Ohio, has appointed OXIS Media as its European sales representative. OXIS Media, based in Oxford, United Kingdom, is a strategic radio consultancy. It provides interactive technology consulting services to stations throughout the European continent.

LDR is already a global leader in innovative, interactive broadcast technology. The company’s ‘LDR.1’ and ‘LDR.Takeover’ interactive music platforms are on the air at more than 160 radio stations, networks and broadcast groups in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia, reaching over 50 million listeners monthly. Its ‘LDR.TopicPulse’ platform helps broadcasters identify trending topics and news stories on a real-time basis and is on air in 20 markets in the U.S.

“Our LDR platforms have already been embraced by stations in Europe including MTG Sweden (Lugna Favoriter, RIX FM, Bandit Rock); SBS Finland (Iskelmä, Radio City, The Voice); and Virgin Radio Italy,” said Daniel Anstandig, CEO and co-founder, LDR.  “Now, with  Ian Walker’s team beginning a proactive push to represent us on the continent, we’re hoping to bring the benefits of our technology to more stations and listeners.”

“LDR has done a fabulous job in helping to define and build the crowdcasting market, and at OXIS Media we're excited to introduce yet another innovative and pioneering practice to the UK and European market,” said Ian Walker, CEO of OXIS Media.  

The announcement comes hot on the heels of RadioDays in Berlin, where LDR CEO Daniel Anstandig, and Vice President, Operations, Victor Caballero, presented a workshop, “Inside the Crowdcasting Revolution: How Broadcasters are Using Interactive Programming to Win.” The session provided an inside look at how LDR’s station partners have increased ratings, developed digital revenue and boosted web traffic in all size markets.

European stations looking for more information about adding LDR’s platforms to their station offerings should contact OXIS Media at sales@oxismedia.com.


About OXIS Media

OXIS Media (www.oxismedia.com) has decades of experience working with a range of radio stations across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Austria, Germany and Australia, offering solutions tailored to target audience and business growth, as well as generate and accelerate revenue growth by providing bespoke solutions to monetize the digital audio economy.  Part of one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing radio companies, the company launched the first ever JACKfm radio service outside North America. JACKfm in Oxford is considered to be one of the market leading innovators in UK commercial radio and is also the most awarded local radio station brand in the country.


About LDR

LDR is a global leader in innovative interactive broadcast technology. Its LDR.1 and LDR.Takeover platforms are on the air at over 160 radio stations, networks, and broadcast groups in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, reaching over 30 million listeners monthly. LDR empowers listeners to become real-time collaborators in on-air programming, automatically adjusting content based on audience input. LDR's new TopicPulse system provides valuable real-time information to newsrooms and content producers on what topics are getting local social buzz. More information is available on LDR at http://www.LDRinteractive.com.



MPme’s Curated Radio App Enhanced for iPhone


MPme’s Curated Radio App Enhanced for iPhone

Adds Personalized ‘What’s Hot’ Music Charts and UI Upgrade


Award-Winning app effortlessly personalizes global mobile radio at the tap of a button


LONDON, April 2, 2013 MPme have released the latest version of the award-winning mobile music app for iPhone. The most recent iteration of the free app boasts enhanced personalized recommendations that help listeners discover exciting, new music and radio broadcasts from around the globe.


With the newest version of MPme it is even easier to explore thousands of radio stations made more accessible through the app.  The new What’s Hot menu key has been added for people to quickly learn of fresh music and broadcasts.  Within What’s Hot, listeners will find a For You section that showcases a weekly recommended station selected on the basis of personal taste, and a This Week tab listing the top five artists whose radio play is growing. An Our Picks tab can also now be found within What’s Hot that reveals some ‘must hear’ radio stations recently added to MPme.


For those new to MPme, a streamlined introduction makes it simple to get acquainted with how the app works. MPme now tailors the library scanning process with cover art from the user’s own music library and Facebook likes.  For those that have been MPme fans for a while, there is an even more strikingly beautiful user interface and an improved favorites list with Now Playing information that helps choose what to listen to from personalized lists. Lastly, people can now opt-in to receive the MPme newsletter containing information about new radio stations added to the platform, hot artists and tracks, upcoming updates and much more.


MPme elegantly and effortlessly connects music lovers with radio stations professionally curated by DJ’s from around the globe.  The app intelligently learns users’ music preferences and uses that information to return personalized radio recommendations fuelled by music that is playing, in real-time, from broadcasts worldwide. The music curated by professional DJs is organic, constant and fresh, featuring old favorites and newly discovered gems. The MPme app also lets users “Favorite” any artist, station or track discovered which improves recommendations and allows for one-touch access later.


MPme is reinvigorating radio and revolutionizing how people find new music by changing the discovery process ” said Christian Miccio, CEO at MPme. “By eliminating tiresome playlist building, MPme allows listeners to simply click on a recommended station matched to their tastes and enjoy new music seasoned with news and unpredictable live chatter that are the hallmark of live radio broadcasts. Discovering new music can’t get any easier! With MPme, the music finds you.”


MPme for iPhone and iPad supports Apple Airplay and is available for free in the iTunes App Store. An Android version is scheduled for launch later this year.  More information about MPme can be found at MPme.com.


About MPme

Brought to you by a small, dedicated international team based in the heart of London’s tech start-up haven, Silicon Roundabout in Old Street, MPme is run by Christian Miccio, former Google Product Manager and Shazam early joiner. Originally created in 2012 by Rahul Powar, also formerly of Shazam, MPme’s iPad App won Midem’s Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation 2012.

OXIS Media to Represent US-Based Triton Digital’s Product Portfolio across the UK and the Republic of Ireland


Unique Partnership Extends Triton’s International Reach, Expands OXIS Media’s Product Offering

OXFORD, UK - 13th November 2012 – Triton Digital is the leading digital service provider to traditional radio and online audio, powering digital audience and revenue growth for its clients around the world. Through a unique partnership, OXIS Media will represent  Triton’s portfolio of Streaming, Measurement, Loyalty and In-Stream Ad Insertion products to European Media companies.

OXIS Media has engaged digital specialist James Cridland, who brings experience from his time at the BBC and Virgin Radio. OXIS will work with Triton Digital to educate publishers on the benefits of generating online revenue and engagement from the digital audio economy. Ian Walker, CEO of OXIS Media, says “Triton Digital has an incredible reputation as a innovative and passionate digital media company, who not only love radio, but are leading the world when it comes to providing bespoke solutions to monetizing the digital audio economy.”

Mike Agovino, COO of Triton Digital, says “OXIS Media is truly aligned and connected across the UK and Europe and we are looking forward to introducing our Measurement, Streaming Technology and Loyalty products to European media companies.”  Triton Digital’s North American clients include Pandora and CBS Radio, among many other top publishers.


About OXIS Media (www.oxismedia.com)

OXIS Media is part of one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing radio companies. Commencing in June 2006 in Oxford, the company has launched the first ever JACKfm radio service outside North America. JACKfm in Oxford is considered to be one of the market leading innovators in UK commercial radio and is also the most awarded local radio station brand in the country.

About Triton Digital (www.tritondigital.com)

Triton Digital is the leading digital service provider to traditional and online radio with a rapidly expanding roster of media clients emerging from the television and print space. Our infrastructure, applications, and innovation are powering digital audience and revenue growth for clients around the globe. Our platform makes digital content extensible, personal, social, and profitable

For further information about OXIS MEDIA, call Ian Walker on Oxford 01865 315980. Ian.walker@oxismedia.co.uk

Pandora Teams With Triton Digital To Measure More

Exciting news for Pandora today, below is the article from today's Radio Ink (http://www.radioink.com)

As radio struggles to find an accurate way to combine online and on-air listening numbers to seamlessly present to advertisers, Pandora is taking the necessary steps to take a serious stab at those ad dollars. And Pandora welcomes the opportunity to put its online listening numbers up against radio numbers. Pandora says Triton Digital will now measure its audience nationally and locally, the Pandora goal being to pitch advertisers and ad agencies with reliable listening numbers to base buys off of. Most people believe Triton's measurement service results in very accurate online listening numbers. Traditional radio has not been very aggressive in finding a way to combine those online numbers with Arbitron's PPM or diary results. So you have to wonder if money is being left on the table or if radio is accepting lower rates than it needs to. 

Pandora Chief Revenue Officer John Trimble told Radio Ink yesterday, We believe the Triton measurements are far more accurate (than Arbitron) because they are measuring each stream in real time. It's not a panel based methodology, it is a census based methodology." According to Pandora, the local markets the company will now see results from are: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Boston and Portland. Pandora has started to claim that listeners are tuning in to Pandora stations more than some of the highly recognized brands in those markets.

If radio CEO's did not believe listening was migrating online they would not all be jumping on the iHeartRadio and TuneIn apps as they have been or singing in unison, "we need to be everywhere our listeners want us to be." Why not allow Triton to combine its numbers with Arbitron's PPM and diary numbers and release those combined local market numbers for everyone to see? For example, it's common knowledge that WABC in New York is the most listening to online #terrestrial# radio station online. What would those WABC combined listening numbers look against all other stations - and Pandora - and released on a weekly basis for the New York market.

Pandora's VP of audio sales Doug Sterne says perhaps radio just doesn't want to put its numbers side-by-side with Pandora. "The other online services, including the largest broadcasters, already are subscribing to Triton's national webcast package. So, they have already show an interest, which I think is driven by the marketplace. You would have to ask them, but we continue to work with all sorts of measurement services, trying to come up with what you just described, that one new perspective or snapshot of the total audience landscape. It's not for us to say. You have to ask the folks at Clear Channel, CBS, and the other companies about their desire to show Pandora's audience next to their radio stations, but you could probably figure out just how interested they are. We are very comfortable with placing our local audience metrics right next to terrestrial radio stations that are published with a different service."



With a Music Loving Population of 1.23 billion Why is India’s Music Industry Under Threat?

The Music industry country report for India (February 2012) paints the picture of a country with a rapidly growing population who love downloading music. However the rise of mobile penetration and broadband access coupled with high poverty levels and copyright legislation issues have led to a big problem with illegal downloading. Unfortunately low levels of personal income make cheap pirate content an attractive proposition at the moment.

Digital trade revenues have increased from 28.5% in 2010, to US$54.1 million. The high increase of mobile phone acquisition and broadband means that almost all trade revenues from digital sales come from mobile formats. This is due to increase further given that India’s high-speed mobile networks have only recently started rolling out 3G services.

The current level of 3G penetration has limited sales of full-track downloads, but future growth will boost sales. Moreover, even a 2.3% share of the mobile subscription base means that more than 20 million people have high-speed mobile access, a figure equal to many countries in Europe.

Plenty of interest in ring tones and ring-back tones are leading India toward digital dominance. But high piracy levels persist and copyright reform has ground to halt, with little action expected any time soon from a government embroiled in one corruption scandal after another.

Piracy does not only effect the music business,  movie producers have also protested that the lenient laws around movie piracy which includes the sale of pirate DVD’s and even the broadcast of unlicensed movies by local cable operators, is incurring huge losses.

It seems India’s piracy issues are urgently in need of addressing, the country shows a promising economy and is one of the only countries not to slip into recession in recent years. It’s digital revolution has proven one of the most profitable areas of the economy and in order to avoid destruction, the problems surrounding copyright legislation need to be given serious attention. However with a government under fire from every angle this doesn’t seem to be a priority at the moment.

Three IS the magic number for Oxfordshire's 106 JACKfm!

This is the press release JACK fm Oxfordshire released today to celebrate their amazing success at this years Sony Awards...

"Local radio at its finest" is how judges described Oxfordshire radio station JACKfm at last night's prestigious Sony Radio Awards in London as the team were awarded three Sony Radio Academy awards.

The Sonys which are known as 'the biggest night of the UK radio industry calendar', saw celebrities Sir Tom Jones, Ronnie Wood, Stephen Fry and Gary Barlow rub shoulders with the UK radio industry's finest............... and the JACKfm team.

In awarding GOLD to JACKfm and sister station Glide Fm for the social experiment Two Strangers and a Wedding judges acknowledged the "sensitive, spine tingling and skilled presentation" shown by the station.

JACK's commitment to local news was also reinforced by wins in two news categories, picking up BRONZES for both News Journalist of The Year and Best News and Current Affairs Programme for The Sunday Roast Show.

Programme Director Sue Carter said "We might be small, but we're dedicated to creating great local radio for our listeners... to go up against goliaths like Radio 1 and Radio 4 and beat them is something we're still pinching ourselves over".

The wins cap off a great week for the station which has also seen JACK nominated for FOUR Arqiva Commercial Radio awards, which are to be held in London on July 4.

For further information contact Programme Director Sue Carter on 01865 351 980 or sue.carter@jackfm.co.uk


US Online Ad Spend to Exceed Print Spend in 2012

The Digital Landscape Report for January 2012 has revealed some interesting finds particularly about the world of online advertising. Global ad growth in general for 2012 is expected to be at 5.4%, which is down from 6.3% predicted in August, however, online ad spending is expected to record it’s strongest increase in 2012.

Bad news for print advertising again as this year, in the US online ad spending will exceed the total spent on print magazines and newspapers for the first time this year, that’s a total spend of $39.5 billion vs. $33.8 billion. However Interestingly in the UK you will now find it cheaper to advertise on Facebook, the average CPC of Facebook ads dropped 11% in the UK between the Q3 & Q4 2011. We can’t help wonder is this due to a decrease in the numbers of people advertising on Facebook?

In terms of social network in general however it seems the UK is leading the way, with the highest penetration of social networking users now based in the UK,  61% of all smartphone owners are ccessing social networks or blogs (Comscore Oct ‘11). In terms of the the EU, EU mobile social networking users have grown 46% in the past year, this is to reach 57.4m users (Oct ‘11 ).  While Facebook has seen a slight decline (Facebook's share of total visits to social networks in December dropped from 58.5% in 2010 to 51.3% in 2011). However video seems to be on the up - YouTube, has grown from 23.6% of total visits to 25% (Hitwise Jan ‘12).


Making Noise in the Social Media Space

Making Noise in the Social Media Space

We were thrilled for our friend Mark Rock when we heard the news today that the BBC has chosen Audioboo as an official partner for publishing web audio clips of its programming content. Here at Oxis Media we’ve been closely involved with Audioboo from day one and we’ve encouraged the stations we work with to embrace this unique idea.


‘Because sound is social’ is the tag-line used by Audioboo, the sound sharing social network.  Developed in March 2009 Audioboo allows smartphone users to record and playback digital recordings of up to 5 minutes in length. These recordings can then be posted on the Audioboo website where users have their own pages or channels.


These recordings are referred to as 'boos' and photos can be added to the boo from the iPhone library or an Android phone along with a title, geotagging and category tagging. Uploading an Audioboo can be done with an an iPhone, a Google Android Phone, directly through the website or via boomail, a service that lets you upload a boo via email.


Audioboo is fast becoming a favourite with some radio stations wishing to exchange audio with their listeners. Absolute have intergrated the Audioboo App into their iPhone App and JACK fm Oxfordshire has been encouraging listeners to send in their ‘boos’ in since last year! This has proved quite popular with some breakfast listeners a boo could be in the form of a traffic report or something interesting they’ve spotted.


Every day about 200,000 people use Audioboo to listen to content created by about 3,000 users.




OXIS Media commenced its worldwide operations today from its base in Oxford, England. OXIS Media has brought together some of Europe’s most talented radio, media & digital executives as part of its new strategic consultancy initiative.

OXIS media is led by Ian Walker, Sony Award nominated Programmer of The Year, and concentrates on delivering Industry excellence, providing strategic thinking and knowledge that means consistent and quick results to its partners and clients.
In today’s crowded media landscape OXIS Media will provide insights into the ever changing digital economy and with the track record of its people as media owners and operators is able to fully engage and grasp the issues facing other media owners and digital broadcasters around the world.

OXIS Media personnel have decades of experience working with a range of radio stations across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Austria, Germany and Australia and are able to offer bespoke solutions tailored to target audience and business growth, generate and accelerate revenue growth by harnessing the power of social media and advise on monetizing digital initiatives.

Ian Walker CEO of OXIS Media………”For too long traditional radio consultancy companies have been relying on the oldest tricks in the book, which seem to have been rehashed over and over again, all around the world. OXIS Media with its focus on both the traditional and new digital initiatives will offer clients a complete and fresh re-think on the complex operational paradigms which affect media businesses today. “

OXIS Media will represent JACKfm in the UK and Europe. JACKfm is a branded format owned and licensed by Sparknet Communications from Vancouver in Canada. Pat Bohn President of SparkNet says “We are very proud of the JACKfm brand and we look forward to Ian building and growing our partnership throughout the UK and Europe.”

About OXIS Media

OXIS Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing media companies - Passion Radio (Oxford) Limited (PRO) . Commencing in June 2006 in Oxford, PRO launched the first ever JACKfm radio service outside North America. JACKfm in Oxford is considered to be one of the market leading innovators in UK commercial radio and is also the most awarded local radio station brand in the country.



Tel +44 1865 315 980



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