JACK’s baby sister’s getting too big for the cot!

The team at JACK Oxfordshire are celebrating today with an excellent set of RAJAR results - radio’s official ratings figures - showing 109,000* people are now tuning in every week.


JACK 2 – which isn’t even a year old – has 31,000* people listening every week. That’s an increase of 24% year on year and a whopping 47% quarter-on-quarter. The figure has equalled the highest-ever listening for the frequency. People are also listening for much longer – with last quarter’s 62,000 hours rocketing to 153,000 (that’s a whopping 146% quarter-on-quarter increase).


It’s no doubt down in no small part to the radio station’s continued decision to let listeners ‘Control The Music’ with Hartwell Kidlington Ford and the Hartwell Oxford Supercentre… allowing them to genuinely choose every song that gets played.


106 JACKfm also continues to perform well with 69,000* people listening every week, for a total of 291,000 hours. That’s more hours than we get complaints…


JACKfm General Manager Ian Walker said: “This is a great result for the team here, particularly in terms of JACK 2 which may be the younger sibling but is definitely pulling its own weight. I’m now off to hide before the team demand champagne and a payrise!”


JACKfm and JACK 2 are the only commercial radio stations to broadcast from Oxfordshire 24 hours a day. To find out more about advertising on JACKfm (uh oh, here comes the sell), call Commercial Director Rachel McClenahan on 01865 315 980.


For further RAJAR information about JACKfm contact General Manager Ian Walker or Content Director Joe Thomas on 01865 315980.


JACKfm and JACK 2 are a joint venture between Oxis Media and SparkNet Communications from Vancouver, Canada.


* All figures quoted are weekly reach All Adults 10+ within JACK Oxfordshire TSA

Source: RAJAR Ipsos MORI/RSMB Q2/14

 * (300, 000 – 1 million TSA)

Oxfordshire’s newest radio station JACK 2’s stunning debut continues

That difficult second radio station - many struggle with it! But the team at JACK Oxfordshire are celebrating today with the highest ever weekly listening figures for their newest baby JACK 2.


According to radio’s official ratings figures (RAJAR) released today 39,000* people are now tuning into the newest JACK on the block every week. It’s no doubt down in no small part to the radio station’s bold decision to put listeners in charge of the playlist four times a day with Control The Music, sponsored by Hartwell Kidlington Ford and the Hartwell Oxford Supercentre.


106 JACKfm continues to perform well with 89,000* people listening every week – and with a combo figure of 106,000* listeners across the brand it shows Oxfordshire people are loving their truly local radio stations.


JACKfm General Manager Ian Walker said: “When the team first suggested we put the listeners in charge I thought they were finally getting the hang of humour. But now it’s been such a success I’m seriously considering getting some listeners in to do my job for a few hours every day. With a jam-packed schedule ahead as the summer festival season kicks off in Oxfordshire, we need all the extra man hours we can get!”


JACKfm and JACK 2 are the only commercial radio stations to broadcast from Oxfordshire 24 hours a day. To find out more about advertising on JACKfm (uh oh, here comes the sell), call Commercial Director Rachel McClenahan on 01865 315 980.


For further RAJAR information about JACKfm contact General Manager Ian Walker or Content Director Joe Thomas on 01865 315980.



* All figures quoted are weekly reach All Adults 10+ within 106JACKfm TSA

Source: RAJAR Ipsos MORI/RSMB Q1/14

 * (300, 000 – 1 million TSA)

SHOCK NEWS: JACKfm’s programming is actually considered award-worthy.

It’s possibly time the judges at the industry’s prestigious Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards had their hearing aids checked. Because they’ve heard 106 JACK fm’s Sunday Roast with Caroline and they’ve STILL nominated it for one of this year’s awards!


The two-hour Sunday morning magazine show about Oxfordshire and its inhabitants has the honour of being the only non-national show nominated in the Specialist Programme category – up against Geoff Lloyd’s Beatles Brunch for Absolute Radio and Charlotte Green’s Culture Club on Classic FM.


The Sunday Roast, hosted and produced by Caroline Verdon with contributions from her dedicated news team, covers the big and the small of Oxfordshire life. This year’s ridiculously wide range of topics covered everything from an interview with a local scientist who discovered a new species of hairy chested crab and named it after The Hoff, to an in-depth analysis of the police’s anti-child-abuse Operation Bullfinch and its after-effects.


Deputy PM Nick Clegg has been on air, not discussing politics… but reading some (generally unimpressed) Oxfordshire schoolchildren the classic book The Gruffalo. We also caught up with a local woman who is on a shortlist of 20 to move to live full-time on Mars, and attended a screening of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral at her former college to find out what it was like for a girl from Grantham to land in wartime Oxford.


Caroline and the team will find out if they can beat the big fish at a glitzy ceremony in London on July 3rd, where they’ll probably drink too much and make a show of themselves.


JACK’s Operations Director Sophie Law said: “To be the only local station nominated in this category shows the incredibly high standard of the show and it’s all down to the team’s tireless hard work. But we should also thank the wild and wonderful world of Oxfordshire for being such a brilliant, interesting place in which to live and work.”


For further information contact Operations Director Sophie Law on 01865 315980.


JACK FM is a branded format owned and licensed by SparkNet Communications from Vancouver, Canada.


When JACKfm 2’s music schedulers first had the idea of letting listeners Control The Music, they thought the boss would instantly see through their plan to do less work and veto it. On the contrary, he was excited about it and now they actually get away with letting the listeners do the hard work – four times a DAY!
Now the Oxfordshire radio station could win an award for their skiving efforts – with a nomination at the prestigious Oxfordshire Business Awards. JACKfm 2’s Control The Music is one of three finalists in the Ridgeway Digital Innovation category.
JACKfm 2 is the first station in the UK to use the innovative LDR.Takeover technology from America to let the audience take charge. Listeners click ‘like’ on songs they like to bump them up the playlist and can also bump songs they don’t like down the list. There are also opportunities to dedicate songs to people and message them via social media to let them know. 
It took a lot of hard work across several continents and great teamwork between the team at 106 JACKfm and JACKfm 2, LDR Interactive, RCS and web partners G Media who all worked together to make sure the technology worked with the playout system and smoothly integrated into the websites and mobile apps. 
Since launch Control The Music has generated 70,000 sessions and seen 550,000 votes cast. It’s also generated strong local sponsorship revenue in partnership with Hartwell Kidlington Ford and the Hartwell Oxford Super Centre. 
CEO of  LDR Interactive (Listener Driven Radio) Daniel Anstandig commented: “The team at JACKfm 2 is setting the tone of innovation for radio in the UK. Collaborating with them on the launch of ‘Control the Music’ has been a rewarding experience for us—but moreover, for the listeners! Since the station’s launch, their audience engagement and interaction has continuously increased.” 
Luke Taylor, Creative Director, G Media commented: “We're delighted that our work with JACKfm Oxfordshire has been recognised. The JACK personality is all about doing things differently so it was a fantastic opportunity to produce some really creative work alongside JACK fm and JACKfm 2. They've been really enthusiastic in taking advantage of the tools we've created for the websites and the mobile apps, so it's great to see that work pay off.”
106 JACKfm & JACKfm 2 Content Director Joe Thomas commented: “It’s always great to be nominated for an award but particularly one within Oxfordshire. I’d better go and fire my music scheduler because the listeners really know what they’re doing!”
JACKfm 2 will find out if they win the award at a ceremony on Friday 20th June.
About JACKfm and JACKfm 2
For more information, contact Content Director Joe Thomas or Operations Director Sophie Law on 01865 315980.  Follow the new JACKfm 2 @jack2oxford and Facebook.com/jackfm2. JACK FM is a branded format owned and licensed by SparkNet Communications from Vancouver, Canada.

106 JACKfm and JACKfm2 Choose Triton Digital’s Streaming and Ad Platform Technology

Most Awarded Local Commercial Stations in U.K. History Turn to Triton Digital to Enhance Their Streaming Experience 
OXFORD – (APRIL, 2014) – Triton Digital, a leading technology provider for the audio industry, today announced the deployment of its Streaming Platform and Ad Platform to Oxfordshire radio stations JACKfm and JACKfm2.  This means Oxfordshire listeners will be able to enjoy Triton’s industry-leading high-end audio streaming technology. In addition, in 2014 106 JACKfm will become the first local radio station in the U.K. to employ targeted, in-stream advertising via Triton’s Ad Platform. 
Triton Digital’s Ad Platform technology provides broadcasters with the ability to customize the online consumer experience and drive revenue by growing their digital audience.  Using the Ad Platform, 106 JACKfm will be able to deliver highly contextual ads to listeners by means of advanced targeting and online audio ad replacement.

“The ability to replace ads enables us to deliver a more personalized experience to each and every listener,” said Ian Walker, General Manager of JACKfm and JACKfm2. “Triton Digital’s extensive experience and solutions built specifically for digital audio make it an ideal fit for us as we look to grow both audiences and revenues.”
“A reliable stream and ad replacement is critical to a radio broadcasters’ ability to grow and monetize their online streams, and results in a better overall experience for listeners,” said Jay Supovitz, Senior Vice President, Publisher Development of International Markets at Triton Digital. “We are proud to serve the streaming and advertising needs of JACKfm and JACKfm2 as the brand continues to grow and scale.”
About Triton Digital
Triton Digital (http://www.tritondigital.com) is a mid-stage technology company focused on the digital audio industry. More leading publishers – including CBS, Pandora, Entercom, and Slacker – use the Triton platform to enrich their content and deliver it to a global audience than that of any other company. Triton’s Webcast Metrics product is the MRC-accredited industry standard in digital audio measurement. Its Ad Injector technology delivers billions of impressions to millions of streams each month. Its ad exchange, a2x, is the only programmatic audience buying platform for audio and has broad adoption across both publishers and agencies. Triton Digital creates meaningful, amplified connections between audio, audience, and advertisers.
About JACKfm and JACKfm2
For further information on JACKfm and JACKfm2, contact Ian Walker, General Manager on 01865 315 980 or email ian.walker@jackfm.co.uk.  Follow the new JACKfm 2 @jack2oxford and Facebook.com/jackfm2. JACK FM is a branded format owned and licensed by SparkNet Communications from Vancouver, Canada.
For more information:
Jay Supovitz
SVP, Publisher Development, International Markets
Triton Digital
+1 866.448.4037 x 7027
Ian Walker
General Manager, JACKfm & JACKfm2
+44 1865 318728

Berkshire's Getting JACK’D

Reading 107 will be the latest independent radio company to adopt the hugely successful JACK fm brand
Chairman Sir John Madejski has signed off a deal to license the name as part of plans to invest in bringing more entertaining and local radio to the area. 
The feisty format which bins requests in favour of “Playing What We Want” has won legions of fans and now has 5 independently operated franchises across the country.
The UK’s first JACK, in neighbouring Oxfordshire, has helped the brand become the most awarded local commercial format in the UK, cleaning up at the SONYs and Arqivas during its six years on air. 
So what’s next? A big change in the station’s sound and some great songs you might not have heard for a while. A new breakfast show for the Royal County. And of course, the inimitable voice of JACK with its biting wit and humour. 
Some things won’t change though - all programming will continue to be produced from the station’s base at Reading’s Madejski Stadium and JACK fm Berkshire will remain fully owned and operated by Reading Broadcasting Company Ltd with Sir John Madejski as Chairman. 
Sir John Madejski said: “I welcome this exciting move and I am delighted that it brings something refreshingly different to any other local radio station.”
Managing Director Sue Reynolds said: “Listeners deserve a radio station that is based in the area that they live in, and talks about their lives.  People want to be entertained when listening to the radio, which JACK will deliver, instead of patronising them.  We have a responsibility to our advertisers to deliver an audience, and JACK fm will achieve that quickly.”
Gavin Harris, who will be JACK fm Berkshire’s Programme Manager said: “It’s really exciting for me to be part of bringing the JACK fm format to Berkshire.  I am confident that listeners will love hearing us Playing What We Want, and talking about everything that is happening in Berkshire.”
Pat Bohn, President of SparkNet said: “We are really looking forward to working with Reading. Their excitement at bringing JACK to their community is contagious and we can’t wait to help them go live."
For more information, quotes or images, please contact Managing Director Sue Reynolds on 0118 986 2555
For programming enquiries, please contact Programme Manager Gavin Harris on 0118 986 2555

What is JACKfm 2?


Ian Walker (JACKfm Oxford) and Arnie Celsie (SparkNet) have been discussing the launch of the world's first JACKfm 2. Take a listen here and find out what JACKfm 2 is all about...



Today Oxfordshire played host to yet another FIRST for UK radio when the WORLD’S FIRST EVER ‘JACKfm 2’ launched on FM, on DAB digital radio and online across the county. The new station which promises to ‘Play What YOU Want’ is set to be the most interactive radio station in the country, giving listeners the chance to control the playlist online at www.jackoxfordshire.co.uk.

Described as having a persona that is “witty, intelligent, playful, sensitive and honest”, the New JACKfm 2 will predominantly target females under the age of 30 and is designed to complement the original 106 JACKfm which appeals to adults over 30. JACKfm 2 will be the brand new voice for young Oxford, with a playlist boasting the most music played on UK local radio, and a breakfast show hosted by multi-award-winners Caroline Verdon and Trevor Marshall - UK Presenter of the Year in 2011 & 2012.

General Manager Ian Walker said: In just 5 years since launch, 106 JACKfm has become the most successful local radio station in the UK, picking up 23 industry awards. JACKfm is also already the UK’s fastest growing radio brand. With the digital landscape evolving across the country, we’re delighted to launch the first JACKfm 2 here in Oxfordshire”.

As well as broadcasting on 107.9 FM and online at www.jackoxfordshire.co.uk, the new station will give digital radio listeners and advertisers across Oxfordshire an even wider choice, as it launches on the brand new DAB multiplex which stretches north to Banbury.  The station will broadcast 24 hours a day from Oxford to Oxfordshire and utilize the skills of the team responsible for creating the multi-award-winning content on 106JACKfm to innovate and deliver locally-driven content, news and entertainment.

JACKfm 2 will be the first radio station in the UK to be powered by LDR, or “Listener Driven Radio”.  Using LDR's ‘CLICKtoPLAY’ system, listeners can browse the station’s playlist, vote for songs to be played more or less and get alerts by text, tweet or e-mail when their favourite songs are about to play.


For further information on JACKfm and JACKfm 2, contact Ian Walker, General Manager on 01865 315 980 or email ian.walker@jackfm.co.uk. Follow the new JACKfm 2   @jack2oxford  and  Facebook.com/jackfm2

JACK FM is a branded format owned and licensed by SparkNet Communications from Vancouver, Canada. 

JACKfm - The most awarded local radio brand in UK history - set to expand with new brand extension JACKfm 2

Today the team responsible for the JACKfm brand announced an immediate expansion regionally and for London/nationally by the end of the year.

The JACKfm brand, which has been described by industry insiders as ‘being responsible for the complete re-invigoration of local radio in the UK’ has picked up 24 industry awards for its inventive and creative programming since launching just 6 years ago, and has already been rolled out to five key locations around the country.
Revealing plans for further expansion, today JACKfm UK Co-founder Clive Dickens announced the launch of a second brand extension ‘JACKfm 2’ designed for a younger female audience to complement the original JACKfm format which appeals predominantly to 30+ ABC1 males.
Speaking of the plans Mr Dickens said: “JACKfm is one of the UK’s fastest growing radio brands, and it makes perfect sense for us to invest in this growth by expanding the brand to JACKfm 2 initially in Oxfordshire".
JACKfm 2 will launch on Tuesday August 20, on both FM and DAB, headed up by new station Programme Director – the multi Sony award winning Joe Thomas.
Talking of the expansion plans Mr Dickens commented: “Growth of other brand extension digital services has proved that ‘niche’ is the new mainstream”.
Mr Dickens also revealed JACKfm has “entered into exclusive discussions with other licensees in numerous locations across the country to roll out the brand”.
NOTES: For further information on JACKfm and JACKfm2 www.jackfm.co.uk
JACK FM is a branded format owned and licensed by SparkNet Communications from Vancouver, Canada.

LDR Experiences Record Growth in Q1 2013


OXIS Media partner, LDR, Experiences Record Growth in Q1 2013

Crowdcasting Pioneer Grows 52 Percent by Adding 83 New Stations


OXFORD, April 15, 2013


OXIS Media’s newest partner, broadcast technology company LDR (www.LDRinteractive.com), have reported record growth during the first quarter of 2013 in terms of new station partners and international expansion.

LDR added 83 new stations to its client portfolio, bringing its total customer count to 243, representing a 52 percent growth rate. In addition, LDR entered two new international markets in the quarter – Sweden and Namibia – increasing its total footprint outside of the USA to 7 countries. The company’s revenue growth in 2012 was exceptionally strong with income doubling in 2012 compared to 2011.

The announcement was made at the annual NAB Show where LDR CEO and co-founder Daniel Anstandig delivered a presentation, together with Jon Erdahl, president of 3D Media Ventures, on the “Ten Critical Business Shifts for Radio Broadcasters.”

“LDR’s first quarter of 2013 growth rate, and the company’s 2012 financial performance, are both testament to the revolutionary technology our team has built as well as our strong customer service. We have developed a reputation for providing the best service in the industry,” said Mr Anstandig.

“We anticipate tremendous growth for the remainder of 2013, in part because of our international expansion and recent partnership agreement with OXIS Media to represent LDR throughout Europe.”

Among the stations that have committed to using one or more of LDR’s technology platforms – LDR.1, LDR.Takeover and LDR.TopicPulse – in the quarter are WHO-AM (Des Moines, Iowa), WDTW-FM (Detroit), WSHE-FM (Hollywood, Fla.), KGLK-FM (Houston-Galveston), WJMN-FM (Boston), WIHT-FM (Washington, D.C.), WMAD-FM (Madison, Wis.), WKDD-FM (Canton, OH), WLKO-FM (Charlotte, N.C.), WTAM-AM (Cleveland), WPOC-FM (Baltimore), WZFT-FM (Baltimore), WBWR-FM (Columbus, Ohio), KHHT-FM (Los Angeles), WAPE-FM (Jacksonville, Fla.), Lugna Favoriter (Sweden), RIX FM (Sweden), Bandit Rock (Sweden), WSBT-AM (South Bend, Ind.) and 99 FM Namibia (Namibia).

“Our listeners get the experience of truly taking over the station for two hours each night and our sales department has great assets to sell, and the clients have a truly unique fully integrated campaign to deliver their message,” said Mark Medina, program director for WIHT-FM HOT 99.5 in Washington, D.C. who recently implemented LDR.Takeover.

“We've immediately embraced the data as actionable music research data which is truly helping to break music on the station. The back end is simple and very user friendly, and the LDR support team is awesome at helping us to zero in on our sales and programming goals.”

“We selected LDR’s TopicPulse because there really isn’t another service available that combines news story trending with social media,” said Bill Gamble, operations manager, WSBT Radio Group in South Bend, Indiana. “Our news staff and web producers use the platform to ensure we don't miss a story, especially those trending on social media.”

LDR is fast expanding into the UK and European territories. To receive your demo – contact Ian Walker on sales@oxismedia.com


About OXIS Media

OXIS Media (www.oxismedia.com) has decades of experience working with a range of radio stations across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Austria, Germany and Australia, offering solutions tailored to target audience and business growth, as well as generate and accelerate revenue growth by providing bespoke solutions to monetize the digital audio economy.  Part of one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing radio companies, the company launched the first ever JACKfm radio service outside North America. JACKfm in Oxford is considered to be one of the market leading innovators in UK commercial radio and is also the most awarded local radio station brand in the country.


About LDR

LDR is a global leader in innovative interactive broadcast technology. Its LDR.1 and LDR.Takeover platforms are on the air at over 240 radio stations, networks, and broadcast groups in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, reaching over 65 million listeners monthly. LDR empowers listeners to become real-time collaborators in on-air programming, automatically adjusting content based on audience input. LDR's new TopicPulse system provides valuable real-time information to newsrooms and content producers on what topics are getting local social buzz. More information is available on LDR at http://www.LDRinteractive.com.






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